Volunteer with NSH

NSH Call for Volunteers

NSH is seeking volunteers to join NSH Committees for the 2018-2020 term. Volunteering on a committee with NSH is a great way to become more involved in the Society, and meet fellow members who share similar interests. 

There are two categories of committees, resource committees, and business committees. Resource committees share their histology expertise to create resources our members depend on, such as the Image Bank, and the Antibody Database. Business committees are involved in governing the Society, and promoting NSH to help us grow membership and expand the profession.

Click here to view a list of NSH Committees and the projects they work on. 

If you are interested in joining an NSH Committee, click here to submit your name and your committee of interest!


The Symposium/Convention, held this year in St. Louis, MO, is NSH's largest educational event, and it requires many volunteers to run successfully. Opportunities include registration desk, convention guide, career day, workshop ambassador, and convention assistant. If you are attending the S/C this year and would like to volunteer, click here

Image on the left: two ladies looking at a phone, image in the center: 2 ladies smiling, image on the right: 2 ladies and a man smiling, all images are from the convention