Digital Pathology Certificate

Digital Pathology Certificate Course Overview

Digital Pathology Certificate

The National Society for Histotechnology, in collaboration with the Digital Pathology Association, developed this online, self-paced certificate program to increase competency and improve knowledge in whole slide imaging and digital pathology in order to meet the educational needs of the growing community of individuals involved with and utilizing this technology.

The program consists of seven learning modules with the end goal of the student being awarded a Digital Pathology Certificate of Completion to recognize this achievement.   The modules include:

  • Module 1: An Introduction & History of Digital Pathology
  • Module 2: Basics of the Technology
  • Module 3: Use Cases for Digital Pathology
  • Module 4: Selecting and Implementing a Digital Pathology Solution
  • Module 5: Workflow Considerations & Best Practice Standards
  • Module 6: Image Analysis
  • Module 7: Regulatory Requirements & Validations

Who is this Digital Pathology Certificate course for?

Histotechnologists, Histology Technicians, Cytotechnologists, Cytology Technicians, Digital Scanning Technicians, Pathologists, Pathology Residents, Pathology Assistants, Research Scientists, Educators, Algorithm and Software Engineers, Individuals associated with or responsible for Laboratory Informatics, or anyone who is interested in or performing any aspect of digital pathology, whole slide imaging, image analysis, and health care data management.

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