Histology Training Program

NSH Histology Training Program Overview


The NSH Histology Training Program is intended to create a histology training/onboarding resource for individuals with relevant education and/or experience to become a histotechnician/histotechnologist. This program leverages both self-paced didactic training that aligns with the technical skills needed to perform core histology, as well as live support and sessions. 

This program is intended to be completed online and will be flexible so that barriers such as time, geographic location, and other responsibilities do not prevent someone from pursuing a histology career. 

Download the Course Overview for complete information or click here to register!

Who is this Histology Training Program for?

This program was designed to be used as an onboarding/training tool for individuals that need foundational knowledge of the profession to effectively do their job.  The best participant for this program would fit 1 or more of these criteria:

    • AP lab aides
    • People coming from research labs
    • Med techs
    • Those with a basic of understanding of a working AP lab (e.g. HIPPA, CLIA)
    • Individuals that have working exposure to the scientific method.
    • Individuals that have knowledge in general biology, anatomy and physiology, and chemistry
    • Individuals hired for a sales role that need technical training.

All participants should have: 

    • Access to internet and computer or other device that allows for both viewing webinar style content and uploading assignments.
    • Ability to self motivate.
    • Willingness to seek assistance when needed in order to grasp concepts. 

Are you a private or public education program?

Are you a private or public education program and want to add this course into your curriculum?  NSH offers multi-registration discounts and can even provide a unique microsite for you to customize and even manage.  Contact Connie Wildeman, Director of Education to discuss your needs.  The NSH Histology Training Program was built by subject matter and curriculum design experts - so what are you waiting for?  Give your students and staff the training they need without the hassle of building it yourself!